Our integration solution covers all organizations integration needs which include connectivity, routing, workflow process, rules engine, security, auditing and Business management monitoring. To provide this solution, we use a simplified and productive development tools which designed perfectly to create the best integration solution for you organizations.
Our integration solution... more
Our portal solution enables your organizations to have an open and extensible portal that enables their business users to interact with business application and services and brings together all information from all business process to help users work more efficiently.
With our portal solution, business users can quickly create a dynamic portals and websites with a very easy tool to build... more
Content Management
Our Enterprise Content Management solution helps user manage all types of electronic content within one single unified repository. The content can come from many departments or divisions. The content can also be applied into workflow based on the business process requirement from each different company. User could also define the lifecycle for content according to their regulations... more
Business is constantly and rapidly evolving. In parallel, the threat landscape is changing faster than most IT organizations can cope with. Addressing threats, trends, and business priorities requires a connected security strategy that protects your IT infrastructure from inside or outside threats. Our security solution helps user to manage all the security issue. Our solution provides all the security that can be... more